Sunday, August 12, 2012

Umbrella Love

It started like it always did, suddenly.
I was prepared, thankfully.

My yellow umbrella protected me,
People with black ones surrounded me.

I closed my eyes and imagined the scene from above,
I was a speck of yellow dust.

I was the Sun in outer space,
I was surrounded by darkness.

Slowly as I went higher and further from the scene,
I spotted another color, a bright green.

Underneath the safety of my cover, I gravitated towards the holder.
I wanted a face, a name, something more than a color.

And then we were face to face.

My umbrella brushed against his,
And green raindrops fell from it.

I felt them on my lips,
The wetness of rain.

He smiled and dried them,
Using his lips.

And just like that, we were intimate.

We swam through the black sea,
Green and yellow, yellow and green.

We were happy,

When people pushed past me,
And sometimes drenched me.

He’d be there to dry me,
To love me.

He asked me, after a few miles.
“Would you like to come under mine?”

We moved in with each other,
And formed a blue cover, together.

He held the umbrella for us,
He was the North Star that guided us.

But, there was no shore to be found,
And the tiresome journey went on.

I wanted to hold the umbrella one day.
He refused and I tried to walk away.

But it was too dark outside.
My eyes had gotten used to the light.

I did not know how to alone anymore.
How much longer could I keep this up for?

And then, it stopped raining.

And I walked away, smiling.

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