Sunday, August 12, 2012

The dust that surrounds us,
The dust that separates us,
A speck of dust.
I can see it,
My iris black against the dark,
The darkness of my mind.
I am the speck,
A part of a whole,
A whole lot of specks.
So many, that I cannot see,
See myself anymore,
Or me.

So clear at first,
Now hidden in this sea.
See? I am the drop,
The water drop,
In the sky,
A part of a whole.
Oh, no more,
I do not know,
What I am.

I see another speck,
Just like me.
A blemish in the sky,
A ray of light,
And we are whole,
Once more.
Not parts anymore,
But clusters, together.

I drop then,
Then again
I am a drop,
A water drop,
A part of a whole,
Not whole anymore.
No clusters, no rain, no sky, no sea,
I see no more.
My iris a black hole,
Floating into oblivion.
I must.
I am stardust.

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