Friday, September 30, 2011

A Tribute to Hair

Pale yellow shining, shimmering,
Rapunzel just might be grinning.
A tribute to golden youth or you’re just a brainless fool.

Black and matted,
Stuck to your forehead the way you like it.
A tribute to years of no shampoo.

Maybe you’re the proud brunette,
Or the fiery redhead.
Your hair in the crowd,
Standing out.
A tribute to individuality or the lack of it, sadly.

Hair, Hair, Hair.
It’s literally everywhere.
It’s never the same and never different either.

So maybe we share hair
In the midst of despair,
Yours and mine
It’s the same difference,
Our only way to bind.
So stay hairy and true,
Cause this is a tribute to hair, me and you.