Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growing Up

I feel that things have changed, people have changed and most of all I have changed. In what way is indescribable but the only thing that I am certain of in this new world is that we are going to keep changing. I don’t know what it is about high school that completely throws you off-track. We start off as a pack of innocent children who huddle together and are always unsure. Then slowly, the disease starts spreading. Affecting some students before the others till the change becomes so apparent that it cannot be ignored. Either get infected or be trampled. It’s over-powering but somehow it is not forced. We want to change because everyone is changing .Everyone has there own way and time of changing. Some people change so fast that you cant even remember if they were ever any other way and some people take a long time to stimulate and digest. Some people like the change and some people don’t. This difference of thought results in the different clich├ęs that eventually get formed. Now everyone is a part of a different pack. Friends you thought you would have for life just don’t care anymore and people that you thought you had all figured out are showing unimaginable sides of there personality. Somehow it’s like kinder-garden all over again, you don’t know anyone. But , slowly when everyone has bloomed and changed and settled down things start getting better. You start liking this new way of living, this independence and the exhilaration which comes from it. Because after overcoming all the turmoils of Adolescence you finally grow up.